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Turn text into lifelike speech with Amazon Polly.

When it comes to using technology, sometimes using a screen is not an option. Text to speech technology is useful in these situations. However, older early day text to speech solutions can sound more like a robot and makes it difficult to understand and tiresome to listen to over extended periods of time. Amazon Polly, an AWS managed cloud service, provides an artificial intelligence service whose job is to translate text information into speech. Polly focuses on converting text into speech using national sounding lifelike voices.

Amazon Polly is a best in class solution. Its top features are as follows:
• Create applications that talk and increase accessibility
• Provides an easy to use and device-independent solution
• Voices are high quality and as good as natural human speech
• Supports 24 languages with multi voices per language
• Store and distribute the generated speech as an audio file
• Accurate text processing
• Highly intelligible
• Supports speech synthesis markup language (SSML)
• Supports dictionaries (Lexicons)
• Natural sounding speech generation from text

Let’s talk a little about Amazon Polly and SSML. It is a speech synthesis markup language. It is XML based markup language, and tags comply with SSML 1.0. The SSML start with and end with . You can modify aspects of the speech output, such as the expansion of abbreviations and acronyms as well as control of pitch, volume, and speed of speech. For example, if you wanted your text to speech solution to have a Boston accent, this would be possible.

Amazon Polly can be used in many cases. Here are some typical applications:
• Education – It provides language learning applications that support 24 languages. Listening to actual spoken languages is very important for language learning, and accurate pronunciation is even more critical. With the use of speech marks, Amazon Polly can provide more immersive storytelling and better reading experience for anyone struggling with reading and writing.
• Gaming – It can be used to test in-game dialogs without needing a voice actor.
• Content Creation – Amazon Polly can be used to read news channels out loud.
• Telephony – Polly is used in the form of a phone call to an interactive voice response system, it enables automated self-service call center operations as well.

Amazon Polly provides real-time streaming at a low cost. The audio can be streamed so you can play the sound immediately, in a real-time scenario. Besides, you pay by the character and only the characters you use. This allows unlimited replays, making it an effective way to voice your applications. You can go as far as creating a custom brand voice for your organization.

Amazon Polly is an AWS cloud service that is used to translate text into speech using natural-sounding lifelike voices. It provides many features and benefits that may help set your organization apart. If you think Amazon Polly may be right for you, contact Cloud Rush today. We offer complimentary consultations for all AWS cloud services.

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