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New Hardware

As a value-added retailer (VAR), Cloud Rush resells new data center hardware, networking, and software solutions that provide value beyond your organization’s order fulfillment. Work together with us to architect, deliver and support your on-premise hardware needs.

Currently, our team supports the following:

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New Surplus and Refurbished Hardware

Sometimes, new OEM hardware does not fit the requirements or budget of your on-premise data center IT solutions. Cloud Rush offers our clients high quality, reliable, new-in-box, and refurbished hardware from leading manufacturers from outside the channel, which can be beneficial due to typical manufacturer lead times. This gives you access to the latest technologies coupled with proven pre-owned hardware at the best prices. Lowering your capital expenditures and extending your asset lifecycle with this hardware makes it an attractive option.

Here are the manufacturers offered:

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Professional Services

Our organization’s roots stem from on-premise data centers so we understand the value of on-premise IT hardware solutions. Cloud Rush offers on-premise solutions that are customized for your enterprise IT hardware needs. We realize that not all organizations are ready to migrate to the cloud and want to host their own IT infrastructure on-premise. On-premise needs to be a well thought out plan that is careful about the technology that is implemented, especially regarding hardware and network setup.

Cloud Services

For businesses across the globe, overcoming the challenges of digital transformation and accelerating the successful adoption of cloud technologies is the order of the day. The cloud is a secure services platform that offers computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionalities to help businesses grow and scale. Millions of customers across the globe are leveraging cloud services to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and readability.

Cloud Assessments

Creating a detailed plan to move your business to the cloud is critical to the success of your digital transformation. There are many key areas of operation that can be affected when an organization makes the move to the cloud.

Strategy and Planning

Defining the vision of where you see cloud services helping your organization is phase 1, step one. In this phase, we will begin to define the strategic vision and business outcomes, that will drive innovation and correlate that with your business drivers.

Cloud Migration

There are many reasons an organization might be eager to migrate to the cloud. For some, it’s a simple matter of increasing the productivity of their workforce, improving their bottom line, or preparing for acquisition.

Lift and Shift

This is the first step an organization will take in their migration journey from their current infrastructure to the cloud. It is the process of migrating a copy of your organization’s application or workload from on-premise to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Data is the most valuable asset an organization possesses. As all leadership understands, maintaining business continuity is crucial. Even a brief lapse in workload continuity can mean thousands of lost sales opportunities, disruption to production, and compromised customer trust.

Security and Governance

With all the economies of scale aorded through cloud adoption, it is essential to understand that only through public cloud governance are costs managed, data and infrastructure secured, and realize the competitive benefits of providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure.

Managed Services

Cloud talent is expensive; it can erode away the cost efficiencies of leveraging the cloud unless you can commoditize or outsource those resources. Distributing the resource costs of managing your cloud footprint allows you to continue to realize the economies of scale that attracted you to the cloud to start with.

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