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Whether you’re already in the cloud, considering migration, or looking for assistance managing your workload, Cloud Rush can strengthen every aspect of your cloud environment. Our experience creating and implementing cloud-first strategies means your company can expect maximum performance and reduced costs.

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Cloud Assessments
It's no secret that companies are eager to capitalize on cloud agility and elasticity, but successful adoption always starts with careful assessment. A cloud readiness assessment will clarify your organization’s vision and outline the concrete steps needed to seamlessly transition to the cloud. During this process, we will identify important requirements for adoption, such as budget, compliance, security, and dependencies. At the end of our review, we will provide a gap analysis of your organization as well as a list of applications that can be migrated to the cloud smoothly.
Strategy & Planning
Need to grow and scale, do more with less, or improve your customer experience? We can support you at any stage of your strategic journey. We’ll also make sure you have the capabilities you need to keep evolving after we’ve left. But don't worry — we won't show up with any assumptions. Instead, we will entrench ourselves in your business to truly understand where it is and where it’s headed. Lots of consulting firms can bolster the bookends of a company’s strategic journey by creating a roadmap or implementing a tool. We, on the other hand, are ready to dive in at any stage. First, we will critically assess your strategic plans and help connect the dots with a clear, integrated approach. Then, we’ll execute it with you.
Cloud Migration
There are many reasons an organization might be eager to migrate to the cloud. For some, it’s a simple matter of increasing the productivity of their workforce, improving their bottom line, or preparing for acquisition. For others, it’s the first step to completely reimagining their business through a larger digital transformation program. Whatever your reasons and constraints might be, we can help your business become more agile and resilient than ever. Our comprehensive migration methodology includes an infrastructure audit, architecture design, deployment, testing, and more.
Cloud Managed Services
Adopting the cloud at scale is no small feat. But you can get by with a little help from Cloud Rush. By operating your cloud infrastructure on your behalf, we can provide a secure and compliant landing zone, a proven enterprise operating model, ongoing cost optimization, and day-to-day infrastructure management. In addition to automating common activities, such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services, our team will furnish full lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure. Did we mention that managed services can accelerate your migration to the cloud and remove barriers to innovation, too?
Engineering Services
It's hard to stay competitive in the digital age. Today, many companies are building technology products and products that heavily rely on technology. Yet, most software is still architected for the data center. Let our team focus on infrastructure, so yours can focus on functionality. Cloud-native architectures, such as microservices and serverless functions, are by far the most cost-effective and reliable ways to build native applications. At Cloud Rush, we design, build, and manage applications the modern way. This approach allows our clients to build better products faster without sacrificing the reliability, security, and scalability of their applications.
Disaster Recovery
As all IT executive or business leaders know, maintaining business continuity is crucial. Even a brief lapse in workload continuity can mean thousands of lost sales opportunities, disruption to production, and compromised customer trust. That's why organizations look to Cloud Rush for affordable, cloud-based disaster recovery services on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use AWS to accelerate recovery times without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. Plus, AWS supports many disaster recovery architectures, including those built for smaller workloads and enterprise solutions that enable rapid failover at scale. With AWS and Cloud Rush Titan DR, your company can scale its infrastructure on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis. Get access to a fast, highly secure infrastructure and the ability to quickly change and optimize resources during a DR event.
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