Cloud Rush offers on-premise Enterprise IT hardware

Cloud Rush offers on-premise Enterprise IT hardware solutions for your organization’s needs. On-premise can provide your business with the IT infrastructure it needs as your organization owns all of the equipment, which provides centralized control, familiarity, and latency.

The on-premise model solves the following business needs:

  • Date center single tenancy (for compliance)

  • Highly secure data encryption

  • Customizable hardware that provide purpose-driven systems

  • Complete data visibility and control

Enterprise IT Hardware
New Equipment
As a value-added retailer (VAR), Cloud Rush resells new software, hardware, and networking solutions that provide value beyond your organization’s order fulfillment. Work together with Cloud Rush to architect, deliver and support your on-premise hardware needs.
Currently, our team supports the following:
New Surplus Equipment and Refurbished Equipment
Sometimes, new OEM equipment does not fit the requirements or budget of your on-premise IT solutions. Cloud Rush offers our clients high quality, reliable, new-in-box, and refurbished equipment from leading manufacturers from outside the channel, which can be beneficial due to typical manufacturer lead times. This gives you access to the latest technologies coupled with proven pre-owned equipment at the best prices. Lowering your capital expenditures and extending your asset lifecycle with this equipment makes it an attractive option.
Here are the manufacturers offered:

If you choose a new, new surplus or refurbished Enterprise IT Hardware for your on-premise solution, Cloud Rush is here as your partner. We offer competitive pricing that can help you extend your IT hardware budget without sacrificing performance. With our fully customized and efficiently designed solutions for your specific environment.

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