AWS Storage

AWS Storage is a managed service that will provide your organization a reliable, scalable, and secure place to store your data. The range of services that are offered ranged from store, access, govern, and analyze data. These services will help your organization reduce cost and time.


Below you will find the AWS Storage services Cloud Rush offers to our clients.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
This is a storage service that allows your organization to store and protect their data. This provides easy to use features to help organize your data and configure access controls to meet specific business requirements. AWS S3 is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9's) of durability and stores data for millions of applications around the world.
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
This will provide your organization with block storage volumes to use with Amazon EC2. The EBS volume is replicated automatically to protect from component failure. This is a highly available and durable solution.
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
This scales on-demand to provide you with a simple, elastic file system for your organization's Linux-based workloads. This will require no changes to your existing applications because it is accessed through a standard file system. There are two storage classes, iStandard, and Infrequent Access, available with Amazon Elastic File System (EFS).
Amazon S3 Glacier
AWS S3 Glacier is an affordable cloud storage service that is secure and durable. This is meant for achieving and long term backup. Access can range from several minutes to hours. The security and compliance meet all regulatory requirements.
AWS Storage Gateway
This service can be used by your organization for a backup, disaster recovery, data processing, storage, and migration. Your organization's on-premises applications will seamlessly use AWS cloud storage. This will help simplify your data center.
AWS Snow Family
These services integrate with AWS security, monitor, storage, and compute capabilities. This secure service helps transport data into and out of AWS. These are physical devices and can assist with data migration, disaster recovery, data center shutdown, and remote data collection projects.
Amazon FSx for Lustre
This is a file system designed for processing workloads fast. These workloads require data to be presented via a fast and scalable file system interface such as video. In addition, it typically will have data sets stored on long-term data stores like Amazon S3.
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
This provides your organization a fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system allowing Windows-based applications to be moved easily. This compatibility and performance are particularly important when moving workloads that require Windows shared file storage, like CRM, ERP, and .NET applications, as well as home directories.
AWS Backup
This managed service centralizes and automates your organization's back up data across AWS services in the cloud. On-premise back up data can be accessed using AWS Storage Gateway. This provides you a central location for configuring policies and monitoring backup activity.

Backup and recovery, software test and development, cloud data migration, and compliance are just a few use cases for cloud storage. Whether you are looking for a storing, retrieving, or sharing data solution, AWS Storage will provide your organization with the security and simplicity you are looking for in a cloud storage partner. Want to discuss AWS Storage in more detail? Cloud Rush is an AWS partner. Contact Cloud Rush today to discuss AWS Storage services.

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