AWS Security, Identity, and, Compliance

AWS security, identity, and compliance allow your organization to secure your workloads and applications in the cloud. This will enable you to protect your data and infrastructure, manage identity and access, monitor threats and compliance, and data. Security, identity, and compliance on AWS is the highest priority.


Below you will find the AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance services Cloud Rush offers to our clients.

AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM)
This managed service allows AWS resources to be shared quickly and securely within any AWS account. AWS RAM eliminates your organization's need to create duplicate resources in multiple accounts. RAM will help reduce the operational overhead.
AWS Identity & Access Management
This will help your organization manage access to your AWS services securely. With AWS IAM, your organization can create and manage AWS users and groups.
Amazon Cloud Directory
This service allows your organization to build flexible cloud directories for organizing hierarchies of your data. AWS Cloud Directory can be in the form of directories, organizational charts, course catalogs, and registries. This will eliminate time consuming and expensive tasks for your organization, such as admin tasks and managing servers.
Amazon Cognito
This is the sign-up, sign-in function on your mobile applications. Cognito is scalable and supports sign-in with social identities such as Facebook.
AWS Single Sign-On
This service allows your organization to centrally manage SSO access to multiple AWS accounts and business applications.
Amazon GuardDuty
This service continuously monitors for threats. Any malicious activity or unauthorized users will be detected, and AWS GuardDuty will protect your AWS accounts. This service uses machine learning, anomaly detection, and integrated threat intelligence to identify threats from your AWS accounts and workloads. This can be integrated with AWS CloudWatch, so alerts are actionable, easy to aggregate across multiple AWS accounts, and straightforward to push into event management and workflow systems.
Amazon Inspector
This service will help improve the security and compliance of your organization's applications deployed on AWS. AWS Inspector will automatically assess for exposure, vulnerabilities, and deviations from AWS's best practices. From the assessment, security findings are prioritized by level of severity. This will help you check for the unintended network accessibility of your Amazon EC2.
Amazon Macie
AWS Macie allows you to discover, classify automatically, and protect sensitive data in your AWS services by using machine learning. The continuously monitored service monitors data access activity for anomalies and generates detailed alerts to help your organization detect risks or data leaks.
AWS Certificate Manager
AWS Certificate Manager, will provision, manage, and deploy public and private SSL/TLS certificates for your organization to use with AWS services and internal resources. This will eliminate the time-consuming process around these certificates because you can quickly request, deploy, and renew SSL/TLS certificates.
A cloud-based hardware security module (HSM) that enables you to quickly generate and use your encryption keys on the AWS Cloud. You can manage your encryption keys using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs. AWS CloudHSM provides the flexibility for your organization to integrate applications using APIs. Your organization can save time on admin tasks as this managed service will provision hardware, patch software, and provide backups.
AWS Directory Service
This managed service enables your organization's directory-aware workloads as well as your AWS services to utilize managed Active Directory.
AWS Firewall Manager
This will help your organization to configure and manage AWS WAF rules. Rules can be easily rolled out for your Application Load Balancers and Amazon CloudFront distributions across accounts in AWS Organizations. As new applications are created, the Firewall Manager also makes it easy to bring new applications and resources into compliance with standard rules.
AWS Key Management Service
This is a secure service that uses FIPS 140-2 validated hardware to create and manage keys across your AWS services. It is integrated with AWS CloudTrail to provide you with logs of all key usage to help meet your regulatory and compliance needs.
AWS Secrets Manager
This helps your organization to protect secrets needed to access your organization's applications, services, and IT resources. It offers secret rotation with built-in integration for Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon DocumentDB. The service is extensible to different types of secrets.
AWS Shield
This managed service allows always-on detection for your organization to utilize Distributed Denial of Service protection on applications running on AWS. This will minimize downtime and latency. There are two types of AWS Shield, standard and advanced.
Standard – This will help your organization defends against the most common and frequently occurring network and transport layer DDoS attacks that target your organization's web site or applications.

Advanced - This is for higher levels of protection against attacks targeting your organization's applications running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Amazon CloudFront, AWS Global Accelerator, and Amazon Route 53 resources.
This is a firewall that will help protect your applications from common web exploits. These can affect availability, compromise security, or consume additional resources. You can easily allow or block web applications by defining security rules.
AWS Artifact
This is a central resource that provides access to AWS security and compliance reporting.
AWS Security Hub
It gives you a comprehensive view of your high-priority security alerts and compliance status across AWS accounts. There is a range of powerful security tools at your disposal, from firewalls and endpoint protection to vulnerability and compliance scanners.

Security, identity, and compliance on AWS is the highest priority. Your organization will significantly benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Want to discuss AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance service in more detail? Cloud Rush is an AWS partner. Contact Cloud Rush today to discuss AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance services.

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