AWS Mobile

AWS Mobile Services are tools and services that will support your organization's mobile initiatives. These tools allow your organization to build, test, and deploy your applications quickly. This scalable AWS solution is fast and reliable.


Below you will find the AWS Mobile Services Cloud Rush offers to our clients.

AWS Amplify
Your organization can create, configure, and implement scalable mobile applications. The framework will allow you to easily integrate your backend with your frontends, giving you the ability to deliver features faster to the end-users.
Amazon API Gateway
This allows secure APIs to be created, published, maintained, and monitored. Amazon API Gateway can be used for traffic management, authorization, and access control, monitoring, and API version management
Amazon Pinpoint
This gives your organization the ability to send targeted messages to the end-users through multiple channels. Pinpoint can be integrated with your mobile and web applications. Amazon Pinpoint can help you understand usage and interactions with your applications. In addition, analytics such as delivered, opened, and click data is available.
AWS AppSync
This is a serverless backend for your organization's applications for mobile, web, and enterprise. AWS AppSynce handles all the application data management tasks such as data synchronization and data manipulation across multiple data sources.
AWS Device Farm
This provides your organization with the ability to test your apps across many devices. It also allows you to reproduce issues in real-time.
Amazon Cognito
This is a secure login for your web and mobile applications. It can authenticate users, save data locally on user's devices, and synchronize data across users' devices they use. Amazon Cognito will allow your organization to create great app experiences.

These AWS Mobile services are easy to use, comprehensive, and scalable mobile solutions that allow you to develop, deploy, integrate, test, and engage end-users. Want to discuss AWS Mobile in more detail? Cloud Rush is an AWS partner. Contact Cloud Rush today to discuss AWS Mobile Services.

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