AWS Media Services

AWS Media Services provides video services to your organization. These services allow you to create, process and deliver video quickly and easily. AWS Media Services is a pay as you use service. It will enable you to focus on content, build and adapt quickly, and scale as you grow.


Below you will find the AWS Media Services Cloud Rush offers to our clients.

AWS Elemental Appliances & Software
This will bring sophisticated video processing and delivery technology to your organization's data or on-premise center. There are two types, ready to deploy appliances or AWS software that you install on your hardware.
Amazon Elastic Transcoder
This allows media transcoding in the cloud. A highly scalable, easy to use, and cost-effective method to convert video to audio files to play on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
This allows you to stream video to AWS securely for analytics, machine learning, and playback. Provisions and scales automatically to ingest streaming video data from millions of devices. The data can be accessed through an API. The features of the API allow you to playback video live or on-demand. Besides, it integrates with Amazon Recognition Video, and libraries for machine learning frameworks.
AWS Elemental MediaConvert
This is a broadcast-grade quality file-based video transcoding service. Your organization can create video-on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery. It is scalable, pay as you go, and provides you with a simple web service interface.
AWS Elemental MediaLive
This is a broadcast-quality live video processing managed service. These high-quality video streams can be seen on broadcast TV and internet-connected devices. This gives you the ability to create a high-quality video for your organization without the broadcast quality infrastructure. Also, it is a pay as you go service.
AWS Elemental MediaPackage
This is preparation and protection for your video delivery. It formats the video streams to play on all devices and consoles. Also, it protects your content using digital rights management.
AWS Elemental MediaStore
This AWS managed services is storage for your media. Specifically, for video, it will provide you consistency with delivery for streaming video content. Its high-performance capabilities meet the needs of the most demanding media delivery workloads, combined with long-term, cost-effective storage.
AWS Elemental MediaTailor
Personalized advertising can be inserted into the video streams without sacrificing quality with this service. The entire experience is broadcast video quality and works with both live and on-demand videos. It offers automated reporting based on both client and server-side ad delivery metrics, making it easy to measure ad impressions and viewer behavior accurately. Ultimately, helping ad delivery rates.
AWS Elemental MediaConnect
This service is used for lived video to deliver high-quality videos in a fraction of the time and cost. This will provide your organization with a reliable, highly secure, and real-time network so you can focus on the content creation and not the video transport infrastructure.

Media services use cases stem from multi-format live video streaming to video file transcoding, broadcast distribution, low-latency live video streaming, and personalized ads. No matter what your need for media services, AWS Media Services can help. Want to discuss AWS Media Services in more detail? Cloud Rush is an AWS partner. Contact Cloud Rush today to discuss AWS Media Services.

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