AWS Business Applications

Businesses, now more than ever, need to ensure their applications are performing functions per job role in the most efficient manner. The implementation of a business application strategy to ensure their software meets the needs of the company and their goals will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Today, organizations are building and running these applications in the cloud. AWS offers business applications that are flexible and agile. Allowing them to deploy quicker, at a lower cost, and simplify infrastructure.


Below you will find the AWS Business Applications services Cloud Rush offers to our clients.

Alexa for Business
This enables organizations and employees to use Alexa to get more work done. Employees can use Alexa as their intelligent assistant to be more productive in meeting rooms, at their desks, and even with the Alexa devices they already have at home.
Amazon Chime
This communication service lets you meet, chat, and place business calls inside and outside your organization, all using a single application. You have the flexibility to choose the features that you need for online meetings, video conferencing, and business calls, and pay only when you use them.
Amazon WorkMail
This is a secure, managed business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email client applications. It gives the user the ability to seamlessly access their email, contacts, and calendars using the client application of their choice. This includes Microsoft Outlook, native iOS, and Android email applications, any client application supporting the IMAP protocol, or directly through a web browser.

With their global infrastructure, secure environment, speed to market, and extensive ecosystem AWS Business Applications can be the foundation of your business. The applications work with databases such as Oracle and SAP.

SAP and AWS work hand in hand. AWS is fully certified to run in production.
AWS enables Microsoft applications to run certified in production. Allowing your organization to save money and simplify the process of running it on-premise.
AWS allows your organization to deploy your Oracle databases and applications in production on AWS.
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