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With our strategic partnership with AWS, we are able to offer our clients with many capabilities that Amazon Web Services offers. These range from analytics to machine learning to storage solutions. All are engineered to be secure, compliant and scalable as well as have the ability to provide you with a hybrid architecture solution. No matter where your business is with cloud needs, Cloud Rush is here to help.


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AWS Analytics can help your organization become a data-driven business. Focusing on the business outcomes and not the technology as well as paying for only what you consume are some of the benefits of AWS Analytics. Becoming agile and timely will give your organization a leg up it deserves.
Application Integration
One of the many AWS Proficiencies is AWS Application Integration. Application Integration is a set of services that will enable communication between decoupled components within microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. This proficiency allows your organization to develop with agility, focus on innovation, scale and fail independently, and message with confidence. Below you will find the AWS Application Integration services Cloud Rush offers to our clients.
AWS Cost Management
Cloud services, such as AWS, have transformed the way organization’s store, scale, and utilize data. With this shift, the cost of these cloud-based services still must be managed. AWS provides cost management tools for this exact reason. AWS cost management tools can help your organization access, organize, understand, control, and optimize your costs and usage on AWS solutions.
Business Applications
Businesses, now more than ever, need to ensure their applications are performing functions per job role in the most efficient manner. The implementation of a business application strategy to ensure their software meets the needs of the company and their goals will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Today, organizations are building and running these applications in the cloud. AWS offers business applications that are flexible and agile. Allowing them to deploy quicker, at a lower cost, and simplify infrastructure.
Customer Engagement
Engaging customers in a personal way is critical in creating the best possible customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. The use of AWS customer engagement technology can assist this effort from call centers, to mobile experiences, to email messaging. This will allow your organization the ability to massively scale services up or down, gain deeper understanding of customers by utilizing AI, and pay as you go. So, whether you are attracting new, converting, retaining, or supporting customer, AWS customer engagement services maybe a fit.
Compute is the foundation of your business. AWS has a comprehensive portfolio of computing services that allow your organization to do everything from developing to running applications and workloads in the secure AWS cloud.
End User Computing
Work from home, collaborate in different countries, and collaborate with various organizations are just a few ways the workforce is changing and becoming extremely mobile. AWS End-User Compute allows you to respond to the changing needs of your organization.
Organizations all have unique needs, and so should their databases. The times of a one-size-fits-all database are over. AWS provides the broadest selection of databases that your organization’s needs. These databases are purpose-built, fully managed, provide performance at scale, and enterprise-class.
Developer Tools
AWS provides developer tools to host, build, test, and deploy applications onto AWS. These tools work with all other Amazon Web Services. This singular environment approach will not only allow your organization to set up and be more productive, which will enable you to develop software and release it to use more rapidly. Ultimately, your organization will be able to build like Amazon. In an environment that supports continuous delivery and infrastructure as code for serverless, containers, and Amazon EC2.
Machine Learning
Amazon Web Services (AWS) include machine learning services. Machine learning built on AWS's cloud platform provides high-performance computing with no compromises on security or analytics. Quickly adding intelligence to your developers' applications with no machine learning skills necessary. From pre-trained AI services to fully managed, comprehensive machine learning solutions, AWS Machine Learning can accelerate your machine learning initiatives.
Management and Governance
Organizations no longer have to choose between innovating faster and maintaining control over cost, compliance, and security. With AWS Management and Governance services, your organization can have both control and innovation. Your organization can enable, provision, and operate for both business agility and governance control.
Media Service
AWS Media Services provides video services to your organization. These services allow you to create, process and deliver video quickly and easily. AWS Media Services is a pay as you use service. It will enable you to focus on content, build and adapt quickly, and scale as you grow.
Migration and Transfer
AWS Migration and Transfer allow your organization to simplify and accelerate your organization's migration to the cloud. This is accomplished by providing your organization with a single tool, the Migration Bub, to track the process of the data migration across multiple AWS and partner solutions. This hub allows you to choose the best tools for the job while providing visibility and critical metrics of the migration. Some AWS Migration hub features include the ability to import your on-premises server details, provides you with a simple and intuitive migration dashboard, migration tracking, and integration tools.
AWS Mobile Services are tools and services that will support your organization's mobile initiatives. These tools allow your organization to build, test, and deploy your applications quickly. This scalable AWS solution is fast and reliable.
Networking and Content Delivery
AWS Network and Content Delivery services provide a global network for your organization. AWS Networks are the most secure, consistently high performing, have the highest network availability, and have the broadest comprehensive coverage.
Security, Identity and Compliance
AWS security, identity, and compliance allow your organization to secure your workloads and applications in the cloud. This will enable you to protect your data and infrastructure, manage identity and access, monitor threats and compliance, and data. Security, identity, and compliance on AWS is the highest priority.
AWS Storage is a managed service that will provide your organization a reliable, scalable, and secure place to store your data. The range of services that are offered ranged from store, access, govern, and analyze data. These services will help your organization reduce cost and time.

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